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Discover the best treats for diabetic dogs! Our top picks provide healthy options. Try them now!

What are Diabetic Treats for Dogs? 

Diabetic treats for dogs are specially formulated snacks to manage blood sugar levels in diabetic pets. Made with low-glycemic ingredients, they support a balanced diet without causing spikes in blood sugar. 

What Treats Can I Give My Diabetic Dog?

For diabetic pets, it’s essential to choose the right snacks. Opting for dog treats for diabetic dogs ensures a healthy option. These are made with ingredients that won’t spike blood sugar levels, providing nourishment tailored to your dog’s specific needs. Always consult a veterinarian for personalized recommendations.

Our Preferred Dog Treats for Diabetic Dogs

BRUTUS & BARNABY Sweet Potato Dog Treats  stand out as the best overall option for treats for diabetic dogs. Crafted with quality ingredients like sweet potatoes, pumpkin, and cinnamon, these treats promote gut health and overall enjoyment, making them good treats for diabetic dogs. 

The blend of natural components, packed with antioxidants and fiber, ensures a nutritious snacking option without compromising taste. Its convenient stick form, suitable for training or special rewards, combined with the brand’s commitment to quality, makes it an optimal choice for those seeking to cater to their diabetic dog’s unique nutritional needs.

A Look at Our Other Favorites

  1. Ella’s Diabetic Dog Treats Best for Preventing Blood Sugar Spikes
  2. PureBites Chicken Breast for Dogs Best Natural Dog Treats
  3. CANINE CRAVERS Single Ingredient Dog Treats Best Freeze-Dried Canine Snacks
  4. Hill’s Prescription Diet Metabolic Weight Management Dog Treats Best Prescription Dog Treats
  5. All Natural Diabetic Dog Treats Best for Managing Insulin Requirements

Product name

PureBites Chicken Breast for Dogs, 11.6oz / 330g – Super Value Size

Ella’s Diabetic Dog Treats – Sweet Potato (8oz)

All Natural Diabetic Dog Treats, 10 oz- Vet Approved

PureBites Chicken Breast for Dogs, 11.6oz / 330g - Super Value Size

Product name

PureBites Chicken Breast for Dogs, 11.6oz / 330g – Super Value Size

Ella's Diabetic Dog Treats - Sweet Potato (8oz)

Product name

Ella’s Diabetic Dog Treats – Sweet Potato (8oz)

All Natural Diabetic Dog Treats, 10 oz- Vet Approved

Product name

All Natural Diabetic Dog Treats, 10 oz- Vet Approved

A Product Deep Dive

BRUTUS & BARNABY Sweet Potato Dog Treats  – Best Overall

Amazon’s Choice in Dog Treats, Cookies, Biscuits & Snacks


Form: Sticks

Flavor: Pumpkin and cinnamon

BRUTUS & BARNABY Sweet Potato Dog Treats present a crunchy and nutritious option, especially if you’re considering dog treats for diabetic dogs. Made from a natural blend of high-quality sweet potatoes, pumpkin, and cinnamon, these sticks are packed with antioxidants and fiber, promoting gut health. 

Their convenient stick form is perfect for training or rewarding your pet. However, as with any dietary choice, understanding both the benefits and potential drawbacks is critical to making an informed decision for your diabetic dog’s needs.

Reasons to Buy

  1. The treats are made from sweet potatoes, pumpkin, and cinnamon, providing your dog a wholesome and nutritious option.
  2. The inclusion of pumpkin in the treats supports gut health and acts as a natural diarrhea treatment for dogs.
  3. The sweet potatoes used are high in antioxidants, contributing to your dog’s overall well-being.
  4. These treats are free from added preservatives and fillers, ensuring your dog enjoys a pure and healthy snack.
  5. The stick format allows for easy portioning, making them convenient for training purposes or as a reward for good behavior.
  6. Available in different flavors like Cinnamon & Pumpkin and Cinnamon & Apple, catering to your dog’s taste preferences.

Reasons to Avoid

  1. The crunchy texture of the sticks may not be suitable for dogs with dental issues or sensitivities.
  2. If not broken down into appropriate sizes, the sticks might pose a choking hazard for smaller dogs or canines that quickly gulp treats.
  3. Some dogs might not be enthusiastic about the flavor or texture of the treats, and preferences can vary widely.
  4. While the treats are made from wholesome ingredients, they may not provide a complete and balanced diet, so they should be given as snacks rather than as a primary food source.
  5. Premium quality treats often come at a slightly higher cost, which may be a consideration for budget-conscious pet owners.

Ella’s Diabetic Dog Treats  – Best for Preventing Blood Sugar Spikes

Brand: DogaBetix

Form: Biscuit/chew

Flavor: Sweet potato

Ella’s Diabetic Dog Treats by DogaBetix provide an innovative and healthy option for those searching for the right treats for diabetic dogs. Made with organic, natural ingredients, these specially formulated treats merge the pleasure of snacking with the vital nutritional requirements of diabetic canines, offering a satisfying and responsible choice for pet owners concerned about their furry friends’ well-being.

Reasons to Buy

  1. These treats are made from all-natural, low glycemic index ingredients, catering specifically to diabetic dogs’ dietary needs.
  2. The treats are free from additives and preservatives, ensuring a purer treat option for your pet.
  3. With their low glycemic index, these treats are designed to prevent spikes in blood sugar levels, crucial for diabetic dogs’ well-being.
  4. The sweet potato flavor offers a delicious option that even choosy pets will likely enjoy.
  5. Positive customer ratings reflect the overall satisfaction of many pet owners who have found these treats suitable for their diabetic dogs.

Reasons to Avoid

  1. While these treats might be suitable for smaller dogs, some customers have expressed that the treats’ size could be a concern for larger breeds.
  2. The treats are described as being somewhat hard, which could pose challenges for dogs with dental issues or those that prefer softer treats. However, the package info suggests this can be mitigated by soaking the treats in water.
  3. The treats’ cost could be a factor for pet owners looking for budget-friendly options, especially if they must be regularly purchased for diabetic dog care.

PureBites Chicken Breast for Dogs  – Best Natural Dog Treats

Brand: PureBites

Form: Dried chicken pieces

Flavor: Chicken

Looking for wholesome treats for diabetic dogs? PureBites Chicken Breast for Dogs is your answer. Crafted from a single ingredient, 100% Pure USA Sourced & Made Chicken Breast, these freeze-dried treats offer a nutritious choice that’s both simple and delicious. 

The freeze-dried RAW process enhances aroma, texture, and freshness, resulting in a taste dogs love. Packed with much-needed nutrients and low in calories (around three per treat), these treats are ideal for dogs with health concerns or special dietary needs. 

The high protein content ensures that indulgence doesn’t compromise health. Suitable for dogs of all life stages and proudly made in the USA, they present a responsible and tasty option. 

Reasons to Buy

  1. Made with 100% Pure USA Sourced & Made Chicken Breast
  2. Freeze-dried RAW process preserves aroma, texture, and freshness
  3. High protein content supports a healthy diet
  4. Suitable for dogs with health issues or on restricted diets
  5. Ideal for training, treating, or meal topping
  6. Rich in essential amino acids, omega-6 fatty acids, and other nutrients
  7. Recyclable packaging for a more sustainable choice

Reasons to Avoid

  1. Some bags may contain smaller bone fragments
  2. Product can arrive spoiled due to possible packaging issues during shipping
  3. Crumbling of treats during transport can result in smaller pieces
  4. Larger bags are recommended to ensure better-quality pieces
  5. Treats may be pricier compared to other dog treats on the market

CANINE CRAVERS Single Ingredient Dog Treats  – Best Freeze-Dried Canine Snacks


Form: Freeze-dried wafers


  • Farm fresh chicken
  • Cripsy cod skins
  • Premium beef filets

Searching for wholesome diabetic treats for dogs? Consider Canine Cravers Single Ingredient Dog Treats, a blend of quality and nutrition your pet deserves. Each snack is mindfully crafted from a single human-grade ingredient, offering the best without any hidden additives. 

This care in creation ensures optimal nutrition and emphasizes the brand’s commitment to quality. Flavors include premium beef fillets, farm-fresh chicken breast, crispy cod skins, tender pork thins, and lamb fillets, providing delicious and natural options to pamper your diabetic canine. 

Reasons to Buy

  1. The treats are crafted from premium, human-grade ingredients, providing the highest quality nutrition for dogs.
  2. With a commitment to simplicity, these treats contain only one ingredient, eliminating any concerns about hidden additives or preservatives.
  3. The brand offers a variety of flavors, allowing you to choose the one that suits your pet’s preferences and dietary needs.
  4. The air-drying technique used by the manufacturer helps preserve the flavor, nutrients, and freshness of the ingredients, making these treats a nutritious option.
  5. The single-ingredient approach makes these treats suitable for pets with specific protein allergies, ensuring they can still enjoy tasty treats without compromising their health.
  6. The snacks are free from carbohydrates and sugar, making them a healthier alternative to many commercial treats.
  7. The resealable stand-up pouch ensures that the treats remain fresh and flavorful, extending their shelf life.

Reasons to Avoid

  1. The quality and human-grade nature of the ingredients contribute to a higher price point than some conventional dog treats.

Hill’s Prescription Diet Metabolic Weight Management Dog Treats  – Best Prescription Dog Treats

Brand: Hill’s

Form: Biscuits

Hill’s Prescription Diet Metabolic Weight Management Dog Treats provide a scientifically formulated option among the best treats for diabetic dogs. Created with the combined expertise of Hill’s nutritionists and veterinarians, these treats are infused with quality ingredients to aid weight loss while enhancing overall well-being. 

The unique blend of flavor and nutrition addresses weight management without sacrificing taste, reflecting Hill’s dedication to science-led nutrition. This ensures your diabetic dog can enjoy a fulfilling and active lifestyle with treats tailored to their specific needs. 

Reasons to Buy

  1. These treats are carefully designed by experts to provide effective support for weight management in dogs, making them a great choice for dogs on a weight loss journey.
  2. Crafted with premium ingredients, including whole grains, chicken meal, flaxseed, and coconut oil, these snacks balance taste and nutrition.
  3. The requirement for veterinary supervision ensures that these treats are sold under the guidance of professionals, enhancing the safety and appropriateness of usage.
  4. Suitable for adult and senior dogs, these treats cater to various age groups, making them versatile for households with dogs of different life stages.
  5. The product enjoys high ratings and positive customer feedback, attesting to its effectiveness and appeal to dogs.

Reasons to Avoid

  1. The need for veterinary approval might involve additional steps during purchase, potentially delaying the acquisition of the treats.
  2. The product might have limited flavor options, which could be a consideration for dogs with specific taste preferences or dietary restrictions.
  3. While designed for weight management, the treats still contain calories, requiring careful portion control to prevent excess calorie intake.
  4. Prescription-based snacks like these might come at a slightly higher price point than regular treats, reflecting the specialized formulation and veterinary involvement.

All Natural Diabetic Dog Treats  – Best for Managing Insulin Requirements


Form: Biscuits

For over two decades, Diabetic Dog Treats has provided a trusted solution in the veterinary community, specifically targeting the needs of dogs with diabetes. Designed as low-carb treats for diabetic dogs, these treats focus on wellness through natural, herbal-based ingredients, avoiding added sugars, additives, chemicals, and by-products. 

Made in the USA, the treats include ingredients like brewers yeast, garlic, rolled oats, and dandelion root, known to aid in blood sugar reduction and insulin management. With high customer ratings for ingredient quality, scent, and flavor, these treats contribute to better insulin requirements management for your pet.

Reasons to Buy

  1. Vet-approved and supported by the veterinary community for over 20 years.
  2. Specially formulated for dogs with diabetes to manage insulin requirements.
  3. Herbal-based ingredients (certified organic) to promote wellness.
  4. Made in the USA with human-grade ingredients.
  5. Ingredients like brewers yeast, garlic, oats, and dandelion root regulate blood sugar levels.
  6. No additives, chemicals, dyes, or other by-products.
  7. High customer ratings for ingredient quality, scent, and flavor.

Reasons to Avoid

  1. Premium pricing may be a consideration for some pet owners.

What to Look for in Treats for Diabetic Dogs

Protein Source

Choosing the best treats for diabetic dogs involves focusing on protein sources. Look for high-quality protein ingredients like chicken, beef, or fish. These not only satisfy hunger but also align with a dog’s natural dietary needs.

Low or No Carbs and Starch

Low-carb treats for diabetic dogs are essential for maintaining proper blood sugar levels. Seek options with minimal or no carbs and starch to ensure the healthiest choice for your furry friend.

No Added Sugar

Avoiding added sugar is crucial when selecting good treats for diabetic dogs. Excessive sugar can lead to unhealthy spikes in blood sugar. Look for treats labeled as no added sugar or naturally sweetened to keep your pet’s diet in check.

Hand with treat training dog

FAQs on Diabetic Dog Treats

Can diabetic dogs eat eggs?

Yes, eggs can be a nutritious part of a diabetic dog’s diet. The question many pet owners ask is, are eggs good for diabetic dogs? Eggs are a high-protein, low-carb food that can support a balanced diet for a diabetic dog. 

They provide essential amino acids without causing spikes in blood sugar. However, it’s best to serve them cooked without added fats or seasonings. 

Can diabetic dogs have snacks between meals?

Yes, diabetic dogs can have snacks between meals, but choosing the right ones is crucial. Offering safe treats for diabetic dogs low in carbs and sugars can support their overall diet without causing blood sugar imbalances.

How do diabetic canine snacks differ from regular snacks?

Diabetic dog snacks differ from regular snacks in their nutritional composition. Specifically designed for dogs with diabetes, diabetic dog snacks usually contain high-quality proteins, low carbohydrates, and no added sugars. 

These specialized ingredients help to maintain steady blood sugar levels, whereas regular snacks may include elements that could cause unhealthy spikes in glucose. It’s vital to choose the right products to support a diabetic dog’s unique dietary needs.

Can non-diabetic dogs eat diabetic treats?

Yes, non-diabetic dogs can eat diabetic treats. Often labeled as sugar-free dog treats, these snacks typically contain high-quality proteins and low carbohydrates, which can be suitable for any dog. While formulated for diabetic dogs, their balanced nutritional profile can also benefit non-diabetic dogs as part of a healthy diet.

Is peanut butter good for diabetic dogs?

Peanut butter can be a tricky option for diabetic dogs. While it’s rich in protein and healthy fats, many commercial brands contain added sugars. Instead, opting for sugar-free dog treats or making homemade peanut butter without additives is a safer choice.

What should diabetic dogs not be given?

Diabetic dogs should avoid snacks with high sugar and carbohydrate content, which can lead to spikes in blood glucose levels. It’s best to stick with diabetic-friendly dog treats that contain high-quality proteins and low carbohydrates. Foods containing artificial sweeteners, added sugars, or high-fat content could disrupt a diabetic dog’s diet and should be avoided.

Yorkshire Terrier dog eating treat


In conclusion, BRUTUS & BARNABY Sweet Potato Dog Treats  represent the pinnacle of treats for diabetic dogs. The blend of wholesome and natural ingredients provides excellent nutrition and caters to the specific needs of diabetic dogs. 

These diabetic dog snacks stand out for their quality, flavor, and positive impact on gut health. With a commitment to excellence reflected in every bite, it’s clear why these treats are an unrivaled option for those seeking to balance the joy of snacking with the health concerns of diabetic dogs. 

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