Arbutus Medical: Innovation For All

Key Takeaways

Arbutus Medical specializes in designing creative orthopedic power tools.

Their products mirror a dedication to global healthcare advancement and cultural respect.

The products are versatile, can be used for various healthcare applications, and are not limited to veterinary environments.

Arbutus Medical is a medical device company based in Vancouver, Canada. They have made notable efforts to deliver cost-effective and creative solutions to healthcare issues, especially orthopedic surgery. 

Their stellar reputation started with a partnership between orthopedic trauma surgeons from Vancouver General Hospital and a group of biomedical engineers. 

Together, they created surgical drill technology that fits the demands of well-resourced hospitals and offers a sanitary and structured option for low-resource settings.

History and Mission

Arbutus Medical‘s spirit is deeply rooted in a profound respect for the culture and heritage of the land where it stands, recognizing the traditional settlements of the Coast Salish folk. Originating in 2014, this admiration overflowed into their corporate ethics and echoes in their gratitude towards the community around them by catering to the requirements of low-resource medical facilities. 

Their offerings, particularly the TrakPak® and other surgical drill kits, stand out in the veterinary medical and other fields for being reliable by simplifying complex medical procedures in various clinical environments, fostering practicality for medical professionals globally.

Products and Innovations

Their product suite showcases DrillCover technology, a distinctive and clever solution that converts standard power drills into sterile, surgical-grade devices. This series includes:

Each product is engineered for optimal performance in orthopedic surgery environments. 

Commitment to Quality

Arbutus Medical is unwaveringly committed to quality, assuring that each surgical tool it creates meets rigid standards. It continues to gain praise for positively influencing the global medical field by concentrating on delivering dependable and inventive surgical possibilities. 

Their advancements have drawn respectable endorsements and accomplishments, asserting their growing influence.

Case Studies and Testimonials

One touching testimonial mirrors the usefulness of Arbutus Medical’s DrillCover technology. Dr. Kelly Johnston, a General Surgeon at the Cumming School of Medicine at the University of Calgary, praised the company’s innovation. 

In a certain instance in 2019, his use of their technology reportedly instilled added trust in executing surgeries, highlighting its dependability and sterility in a needy environment.

Another testimonial from Dr. Kathy Wander and their Alturas Wildlife team testifies to the life-changing abilities of the company’s surgical tools. They deployed the Drillcover system to execute a procedure on a Tamanduas Anteater hit by a vehicle. 

Awards and Recognition

Arbutus Medical’s contributions have been acknowledged through many accolades. In 2019, the company accepted the “Vets for Safe Surgery Award,” which underlines its dedication to surgical safety and recognizes the practicality and influence of its solutions in veterinary medicine.

Their Flagship Offerings

DrillCover Technology and Systems

They have developed an exceptional product called DrillCover, altering standard power tools into surgical instruments. The Pro Drill Kit is an advanced iteration of this technology, providing surgeons with a sterilizable and reusable solution.

Safe Surgery Solutions

Their offerings focus on safe surgery, permitting the sterile use of hardware drills in clinical procedures. They manage a crucial need in global health for safe, dependable, and affordable medical tools that can be used in numerous settings.

Comprehensive Medical Kits

Their portfolio features orthopedic procedure kits, including the TrakPak® for skeletal traction, fitted with the QuickBow™ and Skeletal Traction Procedure Kit. The SteriGo kit enhances sterility for surgeries, ensuring safety.

These kits incorporate essential tools, offering complete orthopedic care solutions. This innovative design approach provides affordable yet high-quality medical devices.

Cost-Effectiveness and Accessibility

Arbutus Medical’s surgical drill technology balances functionality and cost. The alliance with DEWALTⓇ has led to an economically viable solution that avoids the financial burden often coupled with buying and servicing orthopedic surgery tools.

Enhancing Hospital Workflow

The company’s tool design considers hospital workflow. The aerodynamic surgical drill kit is dependable and meant to interweave seamlessly with current clinical procedures. This significantly impacts hospital workflow, allowing for systematic surgeries and affording the prospect of better patient treatment. 

Their tools’ efficacy tackles the overcrowding problem at vet clinics and the increased demand for adequate and timely medical care.

Functionality and Usage

Arbutus Medical’s surgical tools are sufficiently reliable and user-friendly for continued use in challenging conditions. The instruments supply dependable output that healthcare practitioners can trust during acute procedures.

Design and Durability

The tools are formulated with durability, securing an extended service life even in tough operating conditions.

  • Material Quality: High-grade materials are used to grant longevity and resilience.
  • Innovative Features: Design innovations may include modular parts for easy sterilization or low-priced options without surrendering quality.
  • Maintenance: They emphasize effortless tool maintenance, an essential component for assuring supported functionality over time. 

Real-World Applications

Clinical Applications

The company’s DrillCover technology has seen considerable uses across multiple surgical disciplines. This sterilizable chamber converts standard power drills into surgical tools. 

Their products, like the revolutionary SteriTrak kits, have expanded their utility to field missions and ambulatory surgery centers operated by military medical teams and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

Thus, their technologies facilitate a broad spectrum of clinical needs, adapting to various settings without compromising the quality of care.

Optimized Patient Care

The company improves patient care with its clinical systems, facilitating safer surgeries globally. Thus far, its orthopedic tools and sterile kits have benefited over 88,000 surgeries in 40+ countries.

These tools emphasize sterility and reliability and maintain high patient care standards. Their focus on optimizing medical interventions also leads to shorter procedures and potentially better recovery, directly impacting patient outcomes.

Future Developments and Goals

Arbutus Medical dedicates itself to continuous innovation, with expansion plans and product line refinement.

  • Innovation: By investing in research and development, it seeks to introduce new orthopedic power tools that align with the latest medical techniques and standards, retaining a competitive edge.
  • Growth Goals: A primary goal involves enhancing the production of the oscillating saw series due to its efficiency and popularity. It aims to advance user proficiency and product adoption through consumer education and targeted marketing strategies.
Year Product Development Goals Market Expansion Targets
2024 Introduction of two new tool models >10% market uptake
2025 Upgrade existing oscillating saw series Enter two new international markets


With its flagship tool, the DrillCover, Arbutus Medical greatly enhances access to surgical equipment for underserved hospitals globally. It teams with industry leaders like DEWALT® for inventive solutions.

Their focus on efficacy and innovation delivers affordable and safe surgery for all, bolstering healthcare worldwide. They prioritize technical advancements and community welfare, embodying their global mission to supply cost-effective clinical solutions.


Who are Arbutus Medical?

Arbutus Medical is a pioneering medical device manufacturer that specializes in revolutionary solutions for surgical care.

What Services Does Arbutus Medical Offer?

They provide a range of tools designed to improve safety and efficiency in clinical procedures, including the renowned DrillCover System.

What are the Benefits of the Arbutus Drillcover System?

Cost-effectiveness, versatility, and ease of use.

Where can Arbutus Medical’s Products be Accessed?

Healthcare practitioners and facilities can obtain their products directly via their website or through authorized resellers. For specific inquiries or assistance, they provide comprehensive customer support to ensure effortless application of their products.

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