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Whether you’ve just welcomed a new puppy or you’re caring for an aging dog or one with special needs, preventing indoor accidents is a relevant concern. Are diapers right for your dog’s situation? 

Our experts at Animal Medical Hospital & 24 Hour Urgent Care have weighed-in on common questions and considerations regarding doggie diapers.

Why Some Dogs Need Diapers

Certain medical conditions, including urinary tract infections and Cushing’s Disease, can cause dogs to become incontinent. Older dogs with limited mobility caused by arthritis pain are also susceptible to having accidents in the house.

Other conditions for which diapers may be warranted include:

  • Females in heat
  • Dementia
  • Dogs recovering from surgery
  • Paralyzed dogs and those with spinal cord injuries
  • Diabetes 
  • Disorders affecting the bladder

If your dog has recently started soiling your floors or furniture, the first thing to do is schedule an examination. Your pet may have a condition that is temporary if treated properly.

Diapers Aren’t Substitutes for House Training

While it may be tempting to put a diaper on your new puppy, it isn’t typically recommended. Using diapers when house training can confuse your puppy and reinforce her desire to “go at will.” Achieving long-term house training success means making time for frequent trips outdoors—even in the middle of the night. If you’re having trouble with house training, our pet behavior training can help!

How Long Can a Dog Wear a Diaper?

Diapers aren’t a free pass to leave dogs unattended for long periods. You don’t want your dog to develop a skin irritation or worse—an infection. It may take time to learn how often your dog soils her diaper, so check it frequently early-on and change it as soon as it’s wet or soiled. Keeping a written record of your dog’s dirty diapers can help you spot her pattern.

Do Dog Diapers Work for Older Dogs?

Our team answers this question with a resounding yes! Diapers not only make life easier for senior pets, but they also make life less stressful for their owners. Our behavioral training can help your senior pet get accustomed to wearing diapers. Spoiler alert: This training includes lots of treats! 

The Nitty Gritty on Doggie Diapers

The Pros: For senior dogs and those with certain medical conditions, diapers give your dog freedom to roam without fear of soiling all over the house. This will boost your dog’s spirit and enable you to have a more fulfilling (and much less frustrating) relationship with your dog.

The Cons: Some dogs simply won’t wear diapers, or they manage to slip out of them. And disposable diapers can present a significant expense over time. Washable diapers cost more up front but are more cost-effective in the long run. 

Our pet behavior training services can help you and your dog become accustomed to the use of doggie diapers, or help with house-training tips. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for an appointment.

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